How can I take control to repair & manage my reputation online?


Our process is simple:

handkeytrans1. Contact RIP

During this step, we discuss your goals and objectives for online reputation management. If you have negative search results damaging your reputation, or simply want to maximize your digital presence, we make sure that we devise a strategy specific to your needs. We work with individuals and corporations alike.

2. Online Investigation

You may already know what you’re seeing on page 1 of Google, but what you don’t see may be doing the most damage. Identifying the breadth and scope of data available is essential. During this step, we do a thorough online investigation to vet you or your firm–including Dark Web markets–to identify the information online that is helping and hurting your reputation. From search results to reviews to leaked data online–we will help you find it and understand what to do next.

3. Customized Strategy

During this stage, we work closely with you to discuss our findings and your needs in order to carry out a customized campaign specific to your needs.


Does Reputation Information Providers Remove Search Results?

At Reputation Information Information Providers, we believe in transparency. Many other firms will promise to remove search results from Google or other search engines, only to over-promise and under-deliver. These guarantees are empty, but unfortunately widespread in the industry. The old cliché is usually true: if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Unless you own the material in question or get the webmaster to take down the content, trying to remove the content can result in a lengthy legal process. And any good digital analyst will tell you that ‘delete doesn’t really mean delete’.  There are plenty of ways of accessing old content long after it has been “removed”.

We devise and implement proven, targeted techniques to push down the negative content, and highlight the positive. We use cutting-edge technology and leverage our skills in quantitative analysis and Big Data to offer our clients innovative services that outpace and outperform others in the industry.